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Upholding the Safety of Your Property & the General Public

Here at National Security Investigation Services, LLC, you aren't just working with highly trained and capable security officers. You are hiring a leader in the contract security industry. We stand apart from all other security companies in Houston by delivering unmatched services and rock-solid support.

Armed Guard

Patrol Service

Regular patrol service is the perfect option when you don't need a constant guard, but would feel more comfortable with a trained professional checking up on your property. We start with a walk-through of the premises by the first sergeant and lead supervisor to determine your specific requirements. This helps us plan the best course of action and confirm our team is prepared for every potential security situation. A marked patrol car will come by a couple of times a day to verify your home or business is secure.

Unarmed Security

Unarmed security officers are an excellent deterrent against crimes like theft and vandalism. Since the majority of businesses do not expect violent crimes to occur on their premises, the additional cost and time of training armed security may not fit into the budget for average retail stores or college campuses. For these reasons, many of our clients opt for unarmed security officers who are ready to react quickly in any situation.

Armed Security

When you hire National Security Investigation Services, LLC, for armed security, you place a great deal of trust in us. We take that responsibility seriously. Our fully licensed, insured, and bonded armed security officers have undergone rigorous training to provide the highest level of security possible. Additionally, we make certain every guard possesses the stability, maturity, and temperament to handle the responsibilities of carrying a firearm.