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Guard Requirements

You must first complete the Level II Training Course and Test, as well as pass a state and national criminal background check. In addition, all original private security applicants are required to submit fingerprints to the Texas DPS through the fingerprinting services as part of the application process.

Level II

The Level II Training Course and Test is required of all commissioned or non-commissioned security officer and personal protection officer applicants. You must use the most current version of the Level II Training Course Manual.

Level III

The Level III Training Course is required for all commissioned security officers and personal protection officers. You are mandated to take this through a licensed Level III Training School with a licensed Level III instructor.

Level IV

The Level IV Training Course is mandatory for all personal protection officers. Applicants must take the course through a licensed Level IV Training School with a licensed Level IV instructor.

Training & Procedures:

• Identification of Assets and Estimating Their Value — People, Buildings, Hardware, Software, Data (Electronic, Print, Other), and Supplies

• Conduct a Threat Assessment — Acts of Nature, Acts of War, Accidents, and Malicious Acts Originating From Inside or Outside the Organization

• Conduct a Vulnerability Assessment and for Each Vulnerability, Calculate the Probability That It Will Be Exploited — Evaluate Policies, Procedures, Standards, Training, Physical Security, Quality Control, and Technical Security

• Calculate the Impact Each Threat Would Have on Each Asset — Use Qualitative or Quantitative Analysis

• Identify, Select, and Implement Appropriate Controls — Create a Proportional Response and Consider Productivity, Cost Effectiveness, and Value of the Asset

• Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Control Measures — Ensure the Controls Provide the Required Cost- Effective Protection without Discernible Loss of Productivity